You’re invited to Kingsway Outdoors! Bring a chair, blanket and  your favorite mask and join us for a chilly outdoor worship service today.  Click the button below to find out more!

Join us outdoors this Sunday!



God's process for people to find freedom begins with having the right people in their lives.
He designed us for community, and connecting in Life Groups (what we call our small groups) is how we help people find life-changing relationships at Kingsway.


The Umbrella of God's Protection

Have you ever been outside with one of your parents when it started to rain? If you didn’t have your own umbrella with you, chances are your Mom or Dad extended their arm to you and invited you to draw near to them, under the protection of their umbrella. If you stayed close to them, you would remain relatively warm and dry. Yet, sometimes our flesh wants to see what it feels like to have rain fall upon us ...

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