Welcome to Kingsway Cherry Hill!

Sundays at 9:00am and 11:00am
2701 Chapel Avenue, Cherry Hill NJ, 08108
Adults not required to register
Registration is required for Kid'sWay

Here's What to Expect:

Temp Checks

We will no longer be doing temperature checks for every person entering the building.


Masks are now optional. Wear 'em or leave 'em at home - we can't wait to see you. 

Not Feeling Well?

If you are not feeling well, especially coughing or sneezing, stay home for your well-being and the well-being of our church family. Remember: we will still offer online worship experiences at 9am and 11am at live.kingsway.church

Seating Arrangements

We appreciate your cooperation in allowing our ushers to seat you. Over time, we will  be adding seats to the sanctuary to accommodate everyone in our church family who desires to attend. If you would prefer to sit a bit away from others, please let an usher know and we will seat you as we are able.


  • High touch areas will continue to be sanitized multiple times during our services. This includes door handles, bathrooms, tables, etc.
  • We will still have hand sanitizing stations set up throughout our spaces.
  • Everyone practicing proper hand hygiene (sanitizing or washing of hands) and coughing etiquette (coughing into elbow) will help protect those who gather.


We will no longer be asking these questions upon entry to the building. However, if you answer yes to either question, consider watching online and join us when you feel better!
  • Have you been in contact, in the last 48 hours, with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19? 
  • Have you or anyone in your family been sick [runny nose, fever, cough] in the last 24 hours?
Our Kid’s Way team is excited for the chance to see you and your kids IN-PERSON.  
We kindly ask that you continue to pre-register every child for the service you plan to attend in Cherry Hill