Ministry Teams

It is through serving - being used by God - that we mature and experience real growth in our relationship with Christ. It's serving that makes us more like Jesus. It's in serving that we set aside personal preferences and titles and willingly look to meet the needs of those around us. And it's for that reason at Kingsway, we challenge each person to serve on a team by unising their gifts, talents, personality, energy, and passions so that we can continue to help people find and follow Jesus.

Check out some of our Ministry Teams!

Guest Experience Team

Our Guest Experience teams consist of Parking, Welcome, Cafe, and Usher teams that help our guests feel a part of our family on Sunday mornings!

Prayer Team

This team serves people at the close of our worship services. They are trained and prepared to minister to people that come up following the close of services that have responded to salvation or have other prayer needs

KLS Support Team

As part of the Kingsway Leadership School program, the support team is a ministry focused on helping to develop the next generation of servant leaders

Kid'sWay Team

Kid'sWay is the ministry to the children at Kingsway Church. Those who serve on this team are helping our kids find and follow Jesus in age appropriate environments.

Check-In Team

Our check-in team assists parents by safely and securely checking their children into our kid's ministry environments

Safety Team

You may not have known that Kingsway even had a safety team and that's the way we like it. These volunteers, when serving effectively, blend into our environment, all the while ensuring the safety and order of all Sunday services and Kingsway Events.

Life Group Team

We believe that real life changes takes place in the context of relationships. As a part of the Life Group Team, which is made up of Life Group leaders and hosts, youll have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission

Revo Youth Church

Hang out with and mentor the youth in our Church. That's what the REVO Youth Staff does on a weekly basis (Friday nights), during youth retreats, and several special events throughout the year.

Worship Arts Team

Our worship arts ministry consists of three teams of people that serve each weekend ot make what happens in the auditorium possible. There is the platform side (vocals, keys, guitar, etc), the production team (sound, lighting, video) and the creative team (graphic design, digital content, etc) that make up the worship arts team.