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Kingsway Leadership School is designed to help identify and develop next generation leaders that will shape the future. Students will engage in character development, pursue an accredited, academic degree, and receive hands-on ministry training. We will provide a healthy environment where learning is fun and challenging, life-giving relationships are formed in community, and God-given gifts are discovered and nurtured.

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The most difficult part of leadership, in business or ministry, is learning to lead yourself. Growing leaders understand the importance and impact of godly character. While a part of KLS, students will learn to work on cultivating the character to sustain their calling both now and in the future. Understanding that character matters and making the commitment to develop Christ-like character is a large part of the student experience at KLS.



Kingsway Church is an extension site of Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL). Through our partnership, students can earn one of the following accredited degrees: an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Ministerial Leadership. Since SEU is accredited at the highest level, all general education classes completed at KLS are transferable to colleges and universities across the nation.


Ministry Training

Students will be immersed in hands-on ministry and gain practical experience serving in multiple areas of church life. Throughout their time at KLS, students will develop skills and discover the unique way that God has designed them to make a difference in their community and the world. Each student will select a ministry track as a part of their training in an area such as worship and creative arts, children or youth ministries, missions, or pastoral leadership. This will provide firsthand mentorship in the specific areas of the student’s passions and gifts.


“This experience helped me to
discover my potential to be used in
God’s way and not my own.”
— Auriel (Class of ‘17)