Kid'sWay at Home :: October

This fall be sure to tune in to our Kid'sWay Online service - a fun and interactive  Sunday experience streaming from our Kid'sWay YouTube Channel. It's available every day Sunday and throughout the week along with other fun videos from the Kid'sWay Team!

We know this back-to-school season can be a bit of a transition for you and your family, so we want to help you connect with God weekly at home, in-person outdoor services, or at your House to House location this fall. Take a look at the below resources for you and your family this week!
Need To Know for the Month of September :: God Gives Me Hope As I Obey Him.
1 Samuel 17:17-20, 24:1-22, 2 Samuel 6:14-15, 9:1-13, Psalm 32:1-5
Memory Verse: 
"Be happy because of the hope you have." 
Romans 12:12a
We have provided a few discussion questions to review after watching Sunday's service.

Question #1: How did David do his best to honor God and his parents? (He Obeyed them)

Question #2: What did God promise David he would do for him because he obeyed? (Make him King)

Question #3: Who wasn't happy about God's Promise to make David King? (King Saul)

Question #4: When Saul tried to hurt David, did David try to hurt him back? (No, he obeyed God)

Question #5: When David did the wrong thing, did he run from God or obey God and prayed? (He obeyed God and prayed)

October At Home Printables
Activity & Coloring Sheets
Family Lesson

October Family Project
"Circle Up"

Have each family member choose their favorite color from the list below. Then ask a question based on the color they choose!
Red- Would you rather only be able to receive gifts or only give gifts?
Green- What is the best gift you have ever received?
Blue- What has been your favorite gift you've ever given someone?
Yellow- Would you rather clean your room or help with dishes?
Orange- Would you rather have a robot do your homework or chores?
Purple- Do you know someone who could use help or encouragement?
Pink- Is there a neighbor that you've never met but would like to meet?

When we pray, remember God's promises, and obey all that He says to do, God will give us hope! You and I can give that same hope to others by helping them go PRO, too! Say this after me:
- God Gives (both hands point up)
- Me Hope (hands over heart)
- As I Obey Him (thumbs up)

*For more family friendly activities check out the Family Lesson printable above.