Kid'sWay at Home :: August

Every Sunday when you tune in online for service make sure to also have your kids tune in to our Kid'sWay Online service - a fun and interactive  Sunday experience streaming from our Kid'sWay YouTube Channel. It's available all day Sunday and throughout the week along with other fun videos from the Kid'sWay Team!

We know this season looks different, and we want to help families connect with God weekly at home and House to House locations this summer. Take a look at the below resources for you and your family this week!
Focus for the Month of August :: I Feel Happy When I'm Thankful.
2 Chronicles 19-20
Memory Verse: 
"God is greater than our feelings, and He knows everything." 
1 John 3:20
We have provided a few discussion questions to review after watching Sunday's service.

Question #1: What is one thing that you are thankful for?

Question #2: When your feelings are out of control, should you cry or stop and think about how you are feeling?

Question #3: Then would it be better to push someone or look at what is making you feel that way?

Question #4: When you know how you are feeling and what is making you feel that way, should you throw toys or listen to what God says in His Blueprints (the Bible)?

Look & Tell: There are so many things we can find to be thankful for all around us, no matter where we are. Look around the room and tell me something you are thankful for. Even if you're feeling yucky, when you're thankful like King Jehoshaphat was in our story today you will feel happy!

August Family Project
Construct "Thankful Stones"

- Rocks (from your yard)
- Decorations (could be anything - markers, paint, washi tape, temporary tattoos, etc.)

Taking time to tell God, "Thank You," for all He's done for us is sure to make us feel happy no matter what's happening around us! Construct some thankful stones by having each family member find a rock. Wash and dry the rocks, then have each person decorate their stone.

Use your stones to help you be thankful
- Have each person say one thing they are thankful for and then place their stone in a special container, like a bowl or jar.
- At a meal, pass one thankful stone and have each family member share something they are thankful for. 
- When your feelings are out of control, hold one of your thankful stones as you pray and tell God, "Thank You," for what you see around you. 
- Give one of your stones to someone you are thankful for!