Would you like to host? 

A Word to Our Hosts

House to House Vision

House to House is about gathering in small groups, among people we are comfortable with, in order to foster community and fellowship.  Our hope is that it feels like a more natural, organic version of our life groups ministry. Plus, it's biblical! Acts 5:42 says - "Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah." 

Help for Hosts

You've decided to host? Excellent! Here are your next steps:
  • Invite people to join you during one of our Sunday services (9:30am, 11:00am, 5:00pm). 
  • Work out how often with you want to meet as a group (it is summer & it's OK to take breaks).
  • Decide on how you will view the service (you'll need a TV with internet capabilities).  
  • Ask your group to make a plan for food (bring your own to eat or bring something to share).
  • Since hosts aren't providing child care, ask the parents to have their kids sit through the service with the adult (it's family worship), set up their kids to watch Kid's Way online or take turns watching the kids while the grown-ups view the service.
  • After you watch the service, take time to pray for one another. 

Additional Suggestions

Since the state recommended guidelines for gatherings change daily, here are a few precautions that your group can take to make everyone feel  comfortable and safe. 

Social Distancing 

Encourage everyone to practice social distancing (remember: that's six feet in all directions). This is one of the best practices to help everyone stay well. 

Face Coverings

If your group is meeting indoors, we ask that you wear face coverings. If you are an outdoor group, masks are recommended but not required (with social distancing in effect). 

Hand Hygiene

Have soap and water easily available for frequent hand washing.  Elbow bumps are a perfectly acceptable way to greet one another.


We know that kids struggle with social distancing. If your group has kids attending, work out a plan together that ensures safety. 


If it rains on a Sunday when you're supposed to meet - just gather online for that week.  There is no pressure to move your group indoors, if you aren't ready to  have people inside your home. 


If you aren't feeling well, cancel your group and rest. Encourage those in your group to do the same. We want everyone to be safe and healthy.