Virtual Mission Experience - 


April 22, 2023

Join us from the comfort of your own home on a Virtual Missions Experience! We will be virtually connecting with missionaries serving the unreached people groups in the region of Eurasia (44 countries stretching from Northern Africa to India to the Northern part of Russia). Our time together will consist of hearing testimonies, learning about various ministries, prayer, and connecting with global workers from those areas.

How can I go?

There is a cost for every mission experience. Going to Eurasia is no different. The cost is $40 per experience box.  The cost covers everything you will need to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells for this part of the world. You'll get lots of useful information too, so you can pray strategically and effectively for all that God is doing among these nations. The experience box helps make the vitural trip more real. You'll definitely want one for your family! 

What's inside my experience box?

The box you receive is designed to enhance your virtual experience. Please have the box available at the start of the trip, as you will need the items inside. Included in your box is: a hat, scarf, candle, candy, chai up, tea, communion and a few other fun items. There will also be print pieces to help you understand the needs and opportunities found in Eurasia - a prayer book, magazine, and map (to name a few). One box per household (unless you don't want to share) should be more than enough! 

You're invited to travel to Eurasia!