Day 19- Embracing the Season

I am going to be 100% honest. I don’t feel qualified to write this post. I have had plenty of time to work on  it and have brainstormed and prayed through the many directions I could take it but am sitting here an hour before the post is due, completely stuck. This is a hard season for our family. We have three kids- our son, Landon, needs four baby teeth pulled because he has grown up teeth that are stuck in the wrong places. That’s a lot of teeth for a 10 year old to get pulled. I didn’t choose where his teeth grew but it’s hard not to carry the weight and responsibility. Of course we don’t want to see him in pain. Do you know the feeling you get when you are in an airplane and your ears need to pop? That is the feeling our 8 year old, Emmie has in her ears 24/7 right now. With tubes in her ears she hears wonderfully. As soon as the tubes come out she quickly returns to not hearing well. We are looking at a 4th set of tubes for her very soon. Our youngest daughter, Natalie, has had some seizures recently. We have endured weeks of testing and decision making on how to best treat her body and brain moving forward. In the Fall, I had the unique and awesome opportunity to teach full time for 14 weeks. It was an awesome and incredibly challenging experience. I finished just before Christmas and am back to being home full time for the moment. As I reflect on the Fall, I am faced with questions like, “What is next for me?”, “What do I do with myself now that I see that I enjoy working outside of my home as much as I enjoy being home?”, and “God, I have no doubt that you are working but is it ok that I feel awkwardly stuck in this strange in-between phase?”  

I am honestly not complaining. I can feel God’s presence so strongly in this season and I am so thankful for that! What I am saying is that with all of the directions we are being pulled in this season, it would be easy to say, “I will tell my story and what God has done in my life when Landon has four less baby teeth, Emmie can hear again, Natalie is seizure free and I have some direction for where my life is going.” But you and I know that God has a mission for us right in the middle of where we are today. If we wait for a better day, we will miss giving and receiving today’s gifts and that would be so sad. He has placed people in our lives who need to see Him in us today.  

For me in this season, God has called me to be a light to my family first and foremost. We see a lot of each other right now. We see each other when we are silly, loving, cranky, sick, tired, overwhelmed. I can magnify God’s character to my family when I show his love in my best moments, his grace when my kids or husband mess up, and when I ask for forgiveness when I mess up. In a season of appointments, so many phone calls, and endless interactions with the nurse, teachers, and secretaries at our kids’ school, I have a chance to shine God’s love and kindness to everyone I interact with.  

God’s commission for us as his followers is to first, learn about His character, then invite the Holy Spirit into our lives to develop Godly attributes in us, and lastly to use what we know about God’s nature and what the Holy Spirit has done in our hearts to draw people to their Heavenly Father. For some, like me, we are called to do this in what seems like a very small circle of people. For others, answering God’s call looks like selling their belongings, packing up their families and taking His love to a group of people across the world. These two things look different but one is not better than the other. There is freedom when we embrace where we are in this season and allow God to open our eyes to the people who are around us today. Today’s people may not always be the people we are called to impact but there is no doubt that we can choose to leave a mark on them with the time we have.  

What season are you in? Who are the people that God has placed in your path? What do you know to be true about God and what has he done in your heart? How can you share that with the people that cross your path today? Embrace your season, share your story, it will never be a waste and it will always draw people to our Heavenly Father!  

 by Alicia Hussey

Alicia and her husband Tim began attending Kingsway in 2007. They have been married since 2006 and have 3 awesome kids. She loves being a part of Rooted, the prayer team, and the KLS support team. Alicia enjoys using her degree in Education and Writing Arts to impact her many roles as a stay at home mom. Her love of the simple things of life leads her to mornings in one of her favorite rocking chairs, afternoons by the lake watching her kids splash and play, and chilly evenings by the fire place.