Day 13- Are You Listening?

I’m not sure if you were able to make it to the All Worship Night we had this Wednesday, but it was so good. Two whole hours of worship and prayer? SIGN. ME. UP. If you were there I really believe that God met us in that Sanctuary, that He heard our prayers and began a new move.

The worship night reminded me of all the times I sat at altars as a teenager at youth group retreats. I remember being 16 and kneeling at an altar in the Poconos begging God to hear me, to heal me, and to speak to me. I just wanted to know that I was in His will, that I was on the right track, and that I was pleasing my Father. I have been a part of altar calls where God has done some incredible things, where He has spoken through teenagers, where He has healed, where He has called people to do big things. However, for me, it wasn’t until I got home and reflected on the retreat weekend that I heard God and felt that He was with me. It wasn’t until I got silent that I heard the whisper of God. 

My brother was called to be a pastor at one of those altar calls. He heard the audible voice of God. I know that God moves in ways like that, but this is not the only way in which our Father speaks to us. Honestly, I think it’s quite rare to hear the loud audible voice of God. I don’t know if I ever have, but I can tell you that God speaks to me; He speaks to all of us. I believe that God wants to speak to us but we have to ensure that we are close to Him to hear His voice, which often comes in a gentle, soft whisper. 

We have one week left of this fast. I really hope that for you it wasn’t just a diet or wasn’t just a time to unplug from social media and television. I hope that you truly pressed in and sought after the Lord in a new way. I hope that in all of the new-found spare time you used it to sit in the presence of the Lord. I hope that you’ve carved out time to shut the door behind you and quiet with the Lord. I hope you’ve talked to Him about all the things that have been going on in your life. God speaks and He moves and He has so much to say to us. I think the question we need to start asking ourselves is “are we listening?”. 

God desires to have a deep connection with us, so we (those of us who profess to know the Lord) ought to make it a point to meet Him often, to speak to Him, to listen to Him. We don’t have to wait for worship nights or altar calls (although these things are good and I love them). God invites us to sit in His presence on our own…daily. In these last few days of the fast, sit in God’s presence and make it a point to connect with Him. He’s speaking. Are you listening? Are you close enough to Him to hear? 

by Beatrice Anyanwu
Beatrice was born in Nigeria, but has called Pennsauken, NJ home for the majority of her life. She is the oldest of 4 and is currently a college student studying Biology (of all things!). She started attending Kingsway in 2009 with her family and started serving when she was a student in REVO. Beatrice loves books, so when you see her, ask her what she’s currently reading! Although she loves science and the arts, Beatrice has a passion for younger generations coming to know and engage in authentic relationship with Jesus.