Ministry Teams


Our parking team is the first point of contact that guests encounter when arriving at Kingsway. It’s their objective to send a strong message of love and create a welcoming atmosphere. We’re convinced the message begins in the parking lot.


Our check-in team is part of the larger Welcome Team that helps create an inviting atmosphere by safely and securely checking children into our kid’s ministry environments. They serve parents to efficiently get their kids settled into our nursery, pre-school and/or elementary areas.


First impressions are critical. Those who stand at our entrances to greet and those who staff our Welcome Center provide an invaluable ministry in helping guests and regular attendees feel at home. For greeters we ask that you come ready to smile, interact warmly with all who come through our doors, and are willing to help in any way that you are asked. Welcome Center volunteers serve at the Welcome Center before and after each service, ready to answer questions and provide information regarding church events. Volunteers facilitate sign-ups for various activities, helps guests find their way around our church, and offer a special gift to our first-time guests.


Coffee is a part of Kingsway’s culture, so having a team to brew and refresh coffee on Sunday mornings is important. The Cafe team helps create a warm, inviting environment that is a large part of what people experience when they come to Kingway for the first time or the thousandth time. A quick orientation on our coffee machines, a willingness to be a gracious host and greeting people is all that is required for this team.


You may not have known that Kingsway even had a safety team and that’s the way we like it. These volunteers, when serving effectively, sort of blend into our environment, all the while ensuring the safety and order of all Sunday services and Kingsway events. Requirements: Complete background screening and attend for 6-months.


These men and women create a very welcoming and inviting atmosphere as they serve people in the sanctuary during services. Finding guests a seat, serving communion, answering questions and receiving our offerings are a few of the things they are responsible for doing. They are an integral part of the overall guest experiences at Kingsway.


If you enjoy serving behind the scenes and have administrative skills this could be the team for you. The Admin Team ensures that weekly Connection Card information is entered, serves at our resource bookshelf and assists with several other tasks when needed. This team is a key part of helping to make Sundays great. This team has preferred times, as well as flexible time slots to serve regularly. Requirements: Complete background screening


Be it our annual Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat, a 2nd Saturday outreach or another opportunity to serve our community, the Event team leads the way. It’s their goal to serve people by organizing, setting-up, facilitating, and tearing down whatever is needed for the event to be successful and impactful.


This team is our newest at Kingsway and helps in several capacities and in different areas. They are part of the set-up/tear-down crew at our campus locations, help with cleaning the building for weekend services (normally once a month), and sometimes assist in spring and fall clean-ups at our Cherry Hill Campus.

Growth Track Host

As the official hosts of Growth Track, this team greets and welcomes guests as well as provides lunch/refreshments, materials, assistance throughout our four sessions and fun, age-appropriate activities for kids. They help people through their personal Growth Track experience so they can take the next step towards serving on a team themselves.


Kid’sWay is the ministry to children at Kingsway Church. Those who serve on this team are helping our kids find and follow Jesus in age-appropriate environments. The goal is clear – to provide a safe, fun, clean, and Christ-centered place for kids to learn about Jesus. There are opportunities to serve weekly with kids ages zero years of age through 5th grade. Requirements: Complete background screening and attend for 6-months.

Life Group

We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a part of the Life Group Team, which is made up of Life Group leaders and hosts, you’ll have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission. Living in community is vital to any follower of Jesus. This team brings community to life. Requirements: Complete background screening and attend for 6-months.


This team serves people at the close of our worship services. They are trained and prepared to minister to people that come up following the close of services that have responded to salvation or have another prayer need. It’s an opportunity to lead people in taking the next step after receiving Jesus as their Lord and encouraging people as they follow Him.

REVO Youth Church

Hang out with and mentor the youth in our church. That’s what the REVO Youth Staff does on a weekly basis (Friday nights), during youth retreats, and several special events throughout the year. The mission is clear – to connect students to God and each other. We take ministering to our students that seriously! Requirements: Complete background screening and attend for 6-months.

Worship Arts Team

Our worship arts ministry consists of three groups of people that serve each weekend to make what happens in the auditorium possible. There is the platform team (vocals, keys, drums, etc.), the production team (sound, lighting, video, etc.) and the creative team (art, design, and digital content) that make up the worship arts team. If you’re gifted and interested in signing or playing an instrument this team may fit you. And if you’re into operating cameras, launching graphics, building set designs this team may be the place for you to serve. Or maybe serving on the creative side in some capacity is your best fit. Whichever it may be, the Worship Arts staff will get you heading in the proper direction. Requirements: Complete background screening and attend for 6-months.