Serving is Louder Than Words
June 16th, 2021
We live in a land that is starving for shalom, for peace.  As followers of Jesus how do we step into this divisive culture and say anything meaningful? Who do we say anything meaningful to? The best l...  Read More
The Fragrance that We Carry
June 9th, 2021
In Acts 3:1-7, we see Peter and John ministering together through the power of the Holy Spirit. As they entered the temple, they came upon a man lame from birth who found healing in Christ through Pet...  Read More
No One Will Know
June 2nd, 2021
In recognizing how simple we, as humans, can be, I considered what the young—lost and uncertain about who she was in God—Danielle’s response might be to the purpose behind this week's message. “No one...  Read More
Giving Your All
May 30th, 2021
Since the Revolutionary War, 646,596 American troops have died in battle and more than 539,000 have died from other, non-combat related causes. On Memorial Day weekend, we take time to reflect, celebr...  Read More
Practical Pentecost
May 26th, 2021
I’m so thankful for the message Pastor Phil shared this Sunday. Honestly, Pentecost Sunday has always just been another date on the calendar for me in the past. I’m thankful for the reminder of its si...  Read More
Servants and Friends
May 19th, 2021
I really appreciated Pastor Neil’s sermon on Matthew 25:14-30. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out here. It was both an encouraging and helpful reminder and a solid kick in the pants t...  Read More