When God Calls

Do you have a few minutes to talk? I wish we were sitting at our favorite restaurant with a warm cup of coffee surrounded by the chatter of friends and couples and families and the cheerful sound of forks on plates. I have a story to share- not a finished one, not a perfect one, not even always a pretty one but I’d love to share it with you.

For years, November, mission convention, Kingdom Builders has been a moment in my year to push pause and reflect on what I am doing with this life that God has given me. Three years ago during this very month, I felt God beginning to prepare me for a new thing. I was a stay at home mom. Our three kids were all in school. Life seemed pretty settled but a new thing was growing. I remember sitting in services each Sunday and praying throughout the week, committing to say yes to God, whatever it is he called me to. Within a few short weeks, a tragedy struck the school our children attend. An amazing teacher who had become a friend of mine was killed in a car accident and our lives would never be the same. In the days after her death, I felt God shifting my heart toward returning to the classroom, a career I left almost a decade before to raise our kids.

Over the next year and a half, I took steps and knocked on doors of what seemed like perfect opportunities. Some doors opened and some doors were very clearly locked tight. I will be honest, the closed doors were surprising to me and sometimes disappointing. I thought I knew where this journey was leading. I am so thankful that God is God and I am not because his ways truly are much higher than mine!

I am now in my second year as a kindergarten teacher right in the town where we live. I know that I am exactly where God called me. Three years ago when He began to whisper to me about the new things he was doing, this is what he was preparing and I am so thankful for that assurance because it has been anything been easy and I have been anything but perfect at walking this path that he has laid out for me. He called me to this school and these coworkers and these families. Walking in the middle of God’s call is amazing and truly a gift but it can also be messy and challenging. I have wrestled with longing for my old stay at home mom life like the Israelites when God set them free; I have wrestled with feeling inadequate like Moses when God called him to lead them out of captivity. I have experienced what it feels like to try to do this on my own; to do what God has called me to do, forgetting to let Him refill me daily. But I have also seen God’s hand at work in my heart and life and in the relationships I have built and in the things he has allowed me to do. When a student learns to regulate her own emotions, when a child read his first word, when the class cheers for a child who just opened their snack for the first time, and when we laugh together enjoying the beauty of the ordinary moments, I see God’s hand at work.

When you look out and see the world around you, right around you, what breaks your heart, what draws you in, what makes you know that you must do more? These things are there for all of us. For Marcus who runs Leader UP in Camden, it’s the young person who needs to experience love, family, acceptance and the feeling of full stomach. For Lucy, who lives her life to love those bound in addiction, it’s the hurting, the addicted, the homeless and those affected by a life caught in addiction. For Neil, who pastors our Glassboro campus, it’s the families in the Gloucester County area who are looking for a place to find and follow Jesus. For me, it is the little ones who come into my classroom with their own stories and sometimes their own trauma. It is the parents and families who are still learning that the school and the teachers in it are a safe place for them and their family. What is it for you? What is God calling you to invest in right where you are today? What does that look like and what will that cost you? Whatever it is, it is worth it!

by Alicia Hussey
Alicia and her husband Tim began attending Kingsway in 2007. They have been married since 2006 and have 3 awesome kids. After being at home with her kids for 10 years, Alicia has recently returned to the classroom as a kindergarten teacher. Her love of the simple things of life leads her to mornings in one of her favorite rocking chairs, afternoons by the lake watching her kids splash and play, and chilly evenings by the fire place.




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