Growing Up In Wisdom

I have a lot of theories. I’m an information collector: an observer. I love to research everything I can about a subject. I’m fascinated by how things work. There’s a certain beauty and mystery behind everything. I want to find every bit of mystery and experience it in its fullness. Then, when I’ve researched it, I start to dream. I start to postulate. The information becomes unhinged. I always want to push what I discover into more. I want the idea to develop, and for me to develop with it. However, that always leads to more and more questions, and we’re right back at square one.. Researching, cataloging. It’s exhausting.

One of those things I’ve postulated is the idea that, as children, we all see things in absolute terms. We have no room for any “grey” area of thinking. This is the way we go through schooling, as children. We are largely taught facts, principles, and rules. We have, hopefully, all experienced a teacher who helped us to go beyond memorizing facts, and learning how to apply that knowledge in practical ways, to think for ourselves. However, that experience is few and far between. This is also how we learn how to “be” in the world. We learn about life skills, we learn about right and wrong, but sometimes we end up missing the part about how those things apply to our lives. 

In some ways, I feel like my life didn’t really start until I started learning how to live in the grey areas of life. One time I asked my mom, “Do you think I have what it takes to ‘figure out’ my life? There’s so many things I never expected, that I can’t compute and don’t know the answer to, or how to handle." She gently replied, “Kait - this is how you do it. You’re doing it right now. It’s through living.”

I’d say, this movement from absolute thinking to nuanced thinking, this movement from disembodied theory to embodied practice, is the hardest thing about becoming an adult. I think when people say, “Some people never grow up,” what they’re talking about is this exact thing: it’s what happens when people exchange wisdom for knowledge. I love what Pastor Phil said this Sunday, that “Knowledge will shape your mind, but wisdom will shape your life.” Maybe our lives don’t really start until we start wanting wisdom instead of knowledge.

I think young people (myself included) have a difficult time transitioning into their adult lives, because they do not have wisdom. Wisdom is the understanding by which the heart of the knowledge is applied. Wisdom is what helps us move through the grey areas of our lives.

I also think wisdom is hard to come by, because it does cost us something. As Pastor Phil said, “Knowledge is cheap. Wisdom is costly.” I think some of the cost is the laying down of our own ways of understanding things. It costs us our pride. Sometimes wisdom is painful to come by. After all, knowledge is the easier way out. We can hide behind our facts filed deep in our brains, but to come alive with wisdom - in a deeper place, in our hearts - is a vulnerable path of humility and radical submission to Christ. 

Don’t you want “the spirit of the thing” instead of just the “thing”? Pastor Phil said that “Information without interpretation never leads to transformation.” How are we to interpret information? What I love about the Holy Spirit is that the Holy Spirit is also known as the Spirit of Truth. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals the truth about the Father. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to understand who Jesus is and what He is asking us to do. The Holy Spirit was given to us so that we could navigate this life with God’s wisdom. As Paul says, “Christ [is] the power and wisdom of God" (1 Cor. 1:24 NKJV). We find wisdom when we find Jesus, revealed to us by the Holy Spirit of Truth.

Holy Spirit of Truth, would you make known Your wisdom to us? Jesus, we exalt You as the Wisdom of God, and we ask that You would guide us into all Truth and wisdom, for Your Name’s sake. We ask that you would help us to put down our exhausting researching, and, instead, receive your precious impartation of wisdom, as we commit our hearts and lives to the Spirit in which You desire us to live, and move, and have our being. Amen.

by Kaitlyn Faraghan
Kaitlyn leads worship at our Cherry Hill location. She is passionate about writing and recording music, and has been a part of numerous recording projects; she has released one album and is now working on her second album! In her spare time, you will find her scouting out the best coffee and donuts in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area.




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