Observe and Act: Reaching the Next Generation

Terrorism. Recession. Pandemic Life. On-Demand entertainment. Immediate feedback. This list could continue for lines and lines as we reflect on the way life has changed for “the next generation” compared to the life we once knew. When we ponder the idea of loving, serving and reaching the next generation, we all fall somewhere between feeling our hearts burst with excitement and feelings of immediate inadequacy. Wherever we land on this spectrum, one of our jobs as people who love Jesus is to point those around us toward Him. The Bible is clear that when we share God’s commands, His words and the stories of what He has done in our lives with those younger than us, it will cause these young men and women, boys and girls to know Him, keep His commands and praise Him. What could our world look like if the coming generations were known for their intimate knowledge of the goodness of God, the value of keeping his commands and the true joy of praising him with their whole lives.

Jesus was so good and faithful to model how to live like this as he walked on the Earth. All he asks us to do is surrender our lives to him and follow after the example that he set for us. When I reflect on how Jesus lived his life on Earth, I see two things that he did. First, he observed the people around Him. He wasn’t concerned about the people he would walk past tomorrow or who he would heal next week, he was fully engaged with the people he was with in the present moment. He saw their needs, their secret desires, he knew their dreams and understood their motivations.

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to show us, “Who, from the next generation or generations, has God placed in my life in this present moment? What do they need from someone like me? What do I wish I had learned, heard, or received from people older than me when I was their age?” When we take time to reflect in this way, our focus is on God and the people he has placed around us. It is completely selfless. Holy Spirit, help us to be selfless in our pursuit of loving and reaching the next generation.

Second, he acted. Can you imagine what life would have been like if Jesus’ life had only consisted of pondering who he could impact, who needed his healing touch, and what words he could speak to the crowds but he never actually did those things? Our lives will forever be changed because of what Jesus did once he observed those around him and the generations to come. Like Jesus, our influence on the next generation and those who will follow requires action on our parts. After we observe who God has placed in our lives, let’s reflect and allow the Holy Spirit to help us answer these questions, “Have I taken the time to understand their needs, desires, dreams and motivations? How can I share God’s word, His commands and the stories of what he has done in my life in a way that points them to Him?”

Each of us have people in our lives who are learning to navigate a challenging world. They are facing things we have never faced but they deeply need things we have can offer. Who has God placed around you and me? What to do they need? How can our Spirit-led actions change the course of their lives and the lives of generations to come? Let’s make a choice today to be observant and to act in a way that points the next generation towards God’s goodness, His word, His commandments and His faithfulness in our lives. The generations are waiting to be reached, let’s do our part!

by Alicia Hussey
Alicia and her husband Tim began attending Kingsway in 2007. They have been married since 2006 and have 3 awesome kids. After being at home with her kids for 10 years, Alicia has recently returned to the classroom as a kindergarten teacher. Her love of the simple things of life leads her to mornings in one of her favorite rocking chairs, afternoons by the lake watching her kids splash and play, and chilly evenings by the fireplace.




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