Practical Pentecost

I’m so thankful for the message Pastor Phil shared this Sunday. Honestly, Pentecost Sunday has always just been another date on the calendar for me in the past. I’m thankful for the reminder of its significance and the birth of the Church!

Depending on our church background and relationship with the triune God, many of us think of different things when we think of the Holy Spirit. I’ve heard Him be described as a wind, a rush of liquid, a presence that lays on all of us, fire and a dove.

Pastor Phil was right to say that for many of us, it is easy to conceptualize God, the Father and Jesus, the Son. However, the Holy Spirit tends to stump many of us...and for a long time I didn’t understand Him either.

When I was 21, I had a big decision to make. I was offered a position to lead a kid’s ministry at Kingsway. In my own knowledge and understanding it made sense to say no to this offer I was given: I was unqualified, a kid myself, and felt like I had no right to teach kids about Jesus. But I went away and I prayed. I asked the Lord what to do, and I felt the Holy Spirit say this: “Say yes, this is much bigger than you.” I was blown away, I sobbed, but my answer became 'Yes.'” That was the best yes ever.

I’ve seen Him move in many more ways since then. I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s leading. I had a plan for my life that didn’t include working at the church I grew up at, but God’s plans are so much better than our own. I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit leads and turns us in the right direction. I’m thankful for that “Yes.”

I feel led to pray over the points Pastor Phil taught this Sunday: Holy Spirit would You fill me, help me, teach me, use me, guide me, and convict me. This is a dangerous prayer because God will do all of this, and in that, point out things in us that don’t align with His will and lead us to places where we never thought we’d end up. I wonder what the Church would look like if we committed to pray bold prayers and invite the Spirit to move in us and through us.

Pentecost is practical, even today. Just like the Holy Spirit empowered the Church at its birth, I believe He is still doing that today, empowering us, convicting us, guiding us, teaching us, helping us, filling us, and using us. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever aftermore.

by Beatrice Anyanwu
Beatrice was born in Nigeria but has called Pennsauken, NJ home for the majority of her life. She is the oldest of 4 and is currently a college student studying Biology (of all things!). She started attending Kingsway in 2009 with her family and started serving when she was a student in REVO. Beatrice loves books, so when you see her, ask her what she’s currently reading! Although she loves science and the arts, Beatrice has a passion for younger generations coming to know and engage in authentic relationship with Jesus.




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