Where Are You?

In Genesis 3, we see what happens once Adam and Eve went against the word of God. Through them acting on the convincing deception of the enemy, their eyes were opened to the tragedy of a broken relationship with their Creator.

In verse 8 we read that Adam and Eve heard the sound of God as He was walking through the garden in the cool of the day. What vivid imagery of the Lord, our God—whom Adam and Eve had only known as their creator, provider and source of all things— who was physically on the earth walking in their direction to commune with them. And then He presented a simple, yet devastating, question. “Where are you?”

Let’s pause here for a moment and consider what our all-knowing God was asking. Those three words tell us that Adam and Eve were no longer in the position that God expected of them. Their physical location in the garden was of no surprise to God; it was the state of their rebellious hearts that he could no longer recognize. The sin of their disobedience formed a barrier between them and the One who had given them life, love, and the luxury of liberty within the garden.

In verse 10 Adam responds with, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid.”

But was Adam referring to his body being naked, or the covering of his soul? If we look back at verse 7, after they ate from the tree, and before he and Eve heard God moving towards them, when they recognized that their bodies were bare, they immediately sewed leaves together to cover themselves. I can only imagine that the shame caused by their acts against God is what made them hide.

What had coupled them to the purity of their relationship with God was destroyed due to their disobedience. Their fall was one towards grace. A grace presented to redeem acts of sin and restore man’s relationship with God. A relationship that could only be regenerated through the gift of salvation. A gift offered to mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ.

by Danielle Boardley
Danielle, along with her husband Dominic and children, moved to NJ in April 2014 and began attending Kingsway shortly thereafter. Quickly accepting the invitation to go through Growth Track, they learned more about the church, their spiritual strengths, and landed on the Worship Arts team. Danielle values spending quality time with her family and finding ways to express herself creatively. Joining the Kingsway blog team was yet another exciting opportunity to serve through creative expression. Her love of writing began in her youth when she was introduced to the works of Maya Angelou. Inspired by her prose, Danielle published a book of poetry in 2007.




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