God Who Is Able

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Pastor RJ’s sermon from last week, do yourself a favor and make time to listen to it. It was so encouraging. In his sermon, Pastor RJ proposed a very good question: “Do you BELIEVE God is able to do abundantly more than you can even think?” It was this question that made me think through my own relationship with God and the road we have traveled together so far.

I, hopefully like many of you, have had many instances where I have had to pause and really ask myself “Who do I know God to be?” This question is one that pushes us to evaluate whether or not we believe God is actually who He says He is OR whether we are living as Christians without a growing relationship with Him.

I have prayed many prayers in my 24 years of life. I have prayed prayers for healing, clarity, wisdom, for friendships; I have prayed on the behalf of those I love, for leadership in my life and across the globe. God is a good father who delights in hearing us, His children, and making things work out in our favor, the way He sees best fit.

When I made the commitment to follow Jesus as a teenager, I had a very limited view on who God was in my own personal life. For a long time I knew and trusted the God who heard the prayers of my mother; I saw Him provide for our family when she prayed, I saw Him heal when she prayed. When I was a teenager I knew that God was able because He showed up time after time on the behalf of my mother because she BELIEVED God was able.

Back then I don’t think I believed that God could do far more abundantly than I could ask or think in my own personal life. I just had this example of a mother who knew God and believed that He was capable of doing things beyond her way of thinking. As I developed my own personal relationship with God it was how she trusted God that encouraged me to trust God. Now I have so many instances where I can look back and know that God is in fact able to do far more than I could ever think. He’s healed me, He’s provided…He has shown up consistently.

I say all of this because maybe you are reading this and you struggle with whether or not you believe He CAN do the things that He says He can. I want to encourage you to get to know God, pray consistently knowing that He is good and faithful and just. Because of Jesus we get to have a true relationship with God. I pray that if you struggle with believing whether or not God is who He says He is, that as you get to know Him for yourself that He would reveal His true character to you.

by Beatrice Anyanwu

Beatrice was born in Nigeria but has called Pennsauken, NJ home for the majority of her life. She is the oldest of 4 and is currently a college student studying Biology (of all things!). She started attending Kingsway in 2009 with her family and started serving when she was a student in REVO. Beatrice loves books, so when you see her, ask her what she’s currently reading! Although she loves science and the arts, Beatrice has a passion for younger generations coming to know and engage in authentic relationship with Jesus.




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