Racism {Part 3}

I am clinically color blind. Actually in the optical field we now call it color vision deficient. Funny thing, I didn’t know I was color vision deficient until I was around 17 years old. I went on a job interview at the company known as Ma Bell, the telephone company. When the interviewer threw down a cable with about 100 strands of fine wire all differently colored and asked me to identify several different colored wires, I sat there dumbfounded. I had no idea all the wires in that strand were so uniquely colored and I certainly had no chance of identifying them. I was clueless.

If I am honest that is very close to how I feel about everything that is going on right now. I was alive and I remember when John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated. I have friends who were activists on their college campuses at the time, and I remember the tumultuous 60’s. I remember riots and cities burning.

Frankly, I thought we had made so much progress.

The question becomes, just as I was clueless to my blindness, am I also ignorant to the plight and struggles of my African American brothers and sisters? I am grateful to be in a church with as much ethnic diversity as Kingsway. I am grateful that Pastor Bryon is taking time to have a frank discussion with some members who are a different color than I.

I am listening.

As the body of Christ we are one; when one hurts all hurt. We hurt with those who hurt, we weep with those who weep. Only Jesus can heal the wounds that divide us and bring lasting peace to our weary souls.

by Fred Meserall

Fred and his wife Susan began attending Kingsway in June of 2014. They found Kingsway to be a place of refreshment and healing after their previous church experience. Fred is passionate about pursuing God, family, and lifegroups (including his current group which has been meeting continuously for 16 years). Fred and Susan absolutely love the fact that they, their two daughters and their husbands, and grandchildren all attend church together. Fred is a non-recovering “aquaholic” who enjoys spending as much time as possible at the beach, communing with God, working on his videoblog (aptly titled “Still at the Beach”), and all things surf and family.




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