Patient, Persistent, Powerful Love

On Sunday, Lindsay shared the story of three moms from the Bible: Mary, Rahab, and Jochebed. Mary, an ordinary young woman, highly favored by God, who was willing to answer His call with “yes";  Rahab, as Lindsay related, a “spunky” woman, who lived a colorful life, but was courageous and willing to take risks to honor God; and Jochebed, the mother of Moses (and Aaron and Miriam). The life of Jochebed is intriguing. She lived at a time, as Lindsay shared, when there was severe unrest in the world. A very scary time to be a pregnant woman. Pharoah’s detestable plan to kill every male child was terrifying.

Jochebed decided to care, protect, and provide for Moses is a most creative way by caring for him in secret as an infant, and then placing him in the Nile River in a basket of reeds at the appointed time. She knew she had to act in faith to God, and not out of fear, trusting that God would make a way for Moses. Her faith in God caused her to act in a way that was risky, and that most would probably consider to be crazy. It was Jochebed’s faith, courage, and love that saved Moses from a cruel death.

Jochebed’s life and actions demonstrate the love, faith, and courage it takes to be a mom every day, and definitely in uncertain times, such as today. In the midst of current culture, and in this time of pandemic that has caused every one of us to reach for answers, it is important to hold fast to God. Moms (and dads, and everyone, because we all have influence in the life of others) need to remember that it is the soul of others (sons, daughters, friends, parents, bosses, co-workers, etc.) that is at stake, rather than comfort. The story of Jochebed reveals that as she lived her life as unto God, her sons and daughter followed. She had a primary influence in the preparation of her children for the great work they would accomplish as leaders in their own lives. After she did what she could, Jochebed returned home. God responded to Jochebed’s faith, a mom who only wanted her son to live, who dared to trust Him.

In life our faith is tried (1 Peter 1:7). Moms know what it means to be patient, trust, and wait. That is everyday life. Romans 8:28 (ESV) tells us: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Persevering in faith, no matter what may happen, allows light to come out of darkness. You just do not know what acts of faith done today will create significant impact in generations to come.

What do you need to stop holding so tightly that you just about choked all of the life out of it, and instead trust God and truly give it to Him? Maybe it’s a toxic relationship, a season of life, a dream that hasn’t yet come true, a past decision that you wish had a better outcome.

All three of these women, Mary, Rahab, and Jochebed, lived in perilous and dangerous times, not knowing what the outcome of their decisions would be. They put their trust in God. Turn every hope and dream over to God and have faith that His plan is greater and better (as we can see from Moses’ life) than we (or Jochebed) could ever have imagined.

by Bill and Elaine Lang
Bill and Elaine have served the Lord together since 1983 and have been members of Kingsway Church since 2007. They have served in worship, life group, and mission team leadership. They have two married sons and an adult daughter, along with five grandchildren, and will celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2020. They are avid readers and podcast listeners on all subjects related to the kingdom of God and His mission, with great passion to help people find and follow Jesus. Bill currently serves as a member of the Kingsway Church Board.




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