The Darkened Path

By Alicia Hussey

The night was dark as she journeyed forward. There was very little she could hear. Her feet tapped swiftly on the rugged ground beneath her, the wind, strong enough to stir up deep fear, blew through the trees and an occasional animal cried out. Aside from these few sounds there was only sharp silence. Her eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness and she could make out branches, leaves, and the shadow of an animal scurrying by. She longed for a comforting sound, a familiar voice to tell her that she was moving in the right direction, that she had chosen the right path. She continued on.  There was no other choice. Turning back now would do her no good. The air was becoming cold and she felt herself becoming drowsy even as her body continued to walk for what seemed like miles, many slow miles.

Off in the distance, she heard a sound. Were those footsteps? She picked up her pace as the sleepiness she felt quickly slipped away. She heard a voice come from the direction of the footsteps but she couldn’t quite make out what it said. As her pace quickened she heard it again.She thought she heard the words, “I’m right here.” Still feeling very uneasy, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the outline of a man a short distance behind her. Surprisingly he didn’t seem to be chasing her. His pace never changed and it almost seemed as if he was holding something in his outstretched hand. The part of her that felt so scared and alone thought about running toward him but still she knew she needed to defend herself against what was ahead. Again she heard his voice, a little stronger now but still calm, “I’m right here.” Before she had time to think, she stopped walking, turned toward him and called back, her voice cracking, “Who are you?” It seemed that with every step he took toward her he spoke a new word or phrase,  “I am your creator, father, defender, comforter, healer, provider, prince of peace, the one who knows you, the one who sees you, all powerful, all knowing, I have never left you, I will never leave you, I love you.” As he took his final steps toward her, he spoke two final phrases, “I am the one who lights your path,” he said as he gently turned the knob on the side of his lantern “and I am right here with you.” His voice was kind and strong and immediately brought her peace. Together they turned in the direction she had been walking and continued on.  Now everything was different. She could see the path before them, she knew she didn’t need to defend herself, she no longer felt alone. 

Are you on a darkened path? Are you fighting to break an addiction?  Are you taking steps to end an unhealthy relationship? Do you feel God calling you but have no idea how to get from here to where you long to be? Have you finally realized that you cannot manage this life alone but are not quite sure where to turn? Listen for that calm yet strong voice off in the distance, “I am here.” He is right there on the path with you. Make a choice to stop journeying forward alone and in the dark and turn your heart and your mind toward the voice of your Heavenly Father. Allow him to teach you the truth about who He is. As you stop pushing forward and turn toward Him, he promises that he will meet you and use his word to light your path. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “If you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me.” Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” There is hope for you even when you are on a path that seems overwhelmingly dark and lonely. 

Have you been on a dark path? I know I have. Have you heard God’s voice off in the distance calling to you? Have you made the choice to turn toward him, to open up your heart and mind to his word? What did he do for you in that season? What happened when you turned your heart to the word of God? Don’t be afraid to share what God has done in your life. Ask God to show you someone who needs to hear your story. 

Heavenly Father, we thank you that no matter how dark the path seems, you are right there calling to us, reminding us that you are with us. Thank you for giving us your Word that is a light to every path we find ourselves on. When we are on a darkened path, give us the strength to turn our hearts toward your word for clarity, direction, and peace. For those of us who know very well what it feels like to have your light illuminate our path, give us the courage to tell our story in humility. Use our story to bring hope to those around us. We thank you, God, for your Word. Help us to hide it in our hearts. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

by Alicia Hussey

Alicia and her husband Tim began attending Kingsway in 2007. They have been married since 2006 and have 3 awesome kids. She loves being a part of Rooted, the prayer team, and the KLS support team. Alicia enjoys using her degree in Education and Writing Arts to impact her many roles as a stay at home mom. Her love of the simple things of life leads her to mornings in one of her favorite rocking chairs, afternoons by the lake watching her kids splash and play, and chilly evenings by the fire place.




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