Beyond What You Could Imagine

Pastor Bryon had the opportunity to embark upon a journey that many Christians hope to venture on in their lifetime. A trip to Israel took him on paths that Jesus himself likely crossed. Pastor Bryon’s enthusiasm around the idea that he and Jesus might’ve both been standing, walking, and praying in some of the same locations was awe-inspiring. But what gets me is the idea that Jesus was thinking about Pastor Bryon, standing, walking and praying in those very spaces before he had ever even made the journey. And more personally, that Jesus thinks about me as I stand, walk and pray in the very spaces for which he’s ordered my steps. Have you ever considered that before God formed you in the womb, He knew you and before you were born, He set you apart? That’s exactly what Jeremiah 1:5 tells us, and because of the finished work of Jesus our calling was chosen in the mind of God long before we could even imagine.

Pastor Bryon’s journey included visits to areas around the Jordan River where even modern-day architecture relinquished to the majesty of long-withstanding temple ruins. Just being in the presence of history can cause one to stop and reflect on God’s glory. Yet, we have the opportunity through worship and prayer to pause and welcome God’s presence right where we are. Maybe you’re in a place where your calling seems unclear and talking to God about it through prayer seems overwhelming. Well, Jeremiah had a similar experience and he was quite young when he first heard from God. He was hesitant and initially tried to resist his calling; however, he didn’t stop listening for God’s voice. Eventually, the message of hope that God delivered through Jeremiah took him beyond where he could have ever imagined.

Some of us may not ever get the chance to make the 12-hour flight to Jerusalem. And some of us may not ever walk on the same roads that lead to the Jordan River. But each and every day we have the opportunity to walk in the presence of God, listen for what He has planned for us, and proclaim what He has done for us through Jesus Christ. It might just lead us beyond where we could ever even imagine.

“This is God’s Message, the God who made earth, made it livable and lasting, known everywhere as God: ‘Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’” Jeremiah 33:2-3 (MSG)

by Danielle Boardley

Danielle, along with her husband Dominic and children, moved to NJ in April 2014 and began attending Kingsway shortly thereafter. Quickly accepting the invitation to go through Growth Track, they learned more about the church, their spiritual strengths, and landed on the Worship Arts team. Danielle values spending quality time with her family and finding ways to express herself creatively. Joining the Kingsway blog team was yet another exciting opportunity to serve through creative expression. Her love of writing began in her youth when she was introduced to the works of Maya Angelou. Inspired by her prose, Danielle published a book of poetry in 2007.