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Author Archives: Danielle Boardley

Generation After Generation

Members of my family have distinct familial characteristics. The structure of our faces—our almond shaped eyes, the base of our noses, the distance between our brows. The similarities are uncanny. When my great grandmother was still living, there were five generations and each of us have several traits of an older generation. But physical features […]

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Day 14- Auto-Pilot: OFF

I never had the chance to experience what it means to be a ‘new’ believer. As the elders of my grandmother’s generation used to say—I was born on a pew. If you’ve never heard that before, it basically means that I was born and raised in the church. My earliest memories include Sunday School and VBS, Bible Study and Wednesday night prayer, […]

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Day 8- Light in the Darkness

Yesterday during worship, I led a new song for Kingsway titled Way Maker. Preparing for this song has been a balm during a very challenging time. The lyrics are a reminder of who God has shown Himself to be in my life. Chorus: Way maker Miracle worker Promise keeper Light in the darkness My God […]

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Beyond What You Could Imagine

Pastor Bryon had the opportunity to embark upon a journey that many Christians hope to venture on in their lifetime. A trip to Israel took him on paths that Jesus himself likely crossed. Pastor Bryon’s enthusiasm around the idea that he and Jesus might’ve both been standing, walking, and praying in some of the same […]

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By Their Fruit

My first home is positioned on the corner of a quaint street in West Philadelphia. Its appeal was the adorable yard that wrapped around the home, a much-desired space for a young family. For years, a very persistent plant in the front yard baffled me. There were branches jutting from the ground with smooth hand-shaped leaves as its adornment.  I didn’t know what to do with it […]

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Spiritual Growth

When my children were younger, I remember going to their wellness checkups and eagerly awaiting to hear that they were growing at the expected rate—landing in whatever the appropriate percentile was on the growth chart. Being able to tie their spurts to their habits, as well as the pediatrician confirming that they were all on […]

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Food for the Soul

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried your hand at a diet or (twenty)two. You name it—fad diets, doctor prescribed diets, whatever-is-working-for-my-friends-diets—I’ve tried it. There comes a time when your body internally or externally lets you know that change is necessary. More recently I’ve been learning which foods are the cause of some pretty significant […]

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Then Entered Jesus

Twelve years. For 4,380 days she endured. And with every minute, the woman who hemorrhaged blood was desperate for healing. Her condition made her stand out and cast aside. Although she had been seen by many physicians none of them had the remedy for her suffering. Then entered Jesus. In his travels he had been […]

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When I Was a Child

During my childhood one of my favorite pastimes was double dutch jump rope. It wasn’t because I was any good at it, but I used to love to watch my friends with their fancy footwork gliding between the lines of the jump rope. My technique wasn’t so great, though not from a lack of effort. I tried. I really did. But there was one little pesky thing kept me from improving: fear. […]

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Joy in the Journey

There are 1,576 steps to the observation deck on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building and the only way to access the stairs is to be a participant in the annual Run-Up. Individuals who are reasonably fit take about 26.2 minutes to ascend the building. At all other times of the year the only way to gain access to the observatory is by elevator, an approximately one-minute ride. Whether in the annual […]

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The Master Gardener

My grandmother is a master gardener. She can tell you the origin and name of a plant just by looking at it. Over the years I’ve marveled at her ability to make a plant thrive. I’ve watched her clip away at full and burgeoning greenery for the purpose of growth. And upon each and every […]

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Light in the Darkness

It’s a warm and sunny day, and you decide to take a trip to the amusement park. You’ve spent most of your time waiting in lines and taking turns holding belongings. At last, you finish off that bite of funnel cake that you swirled through the remains of the powdered sugar left on the paper […]

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