Our Story

Discover the history of Kingsway Church.

Our church began when several Italian immigrants, through a revival in Philadelphia, came to Christ. That small group of believers gathered in Camden and formed a church in 1925. They first met in a storefront and then, moved to a grocery story – setting up service, Sunday after Sunday, week-in and week-out. In 1937, because of God’s provision and the sacrificial giving of those in the church, Kingsway purchased its first permanent facility on the corner of Broadway and Ferry Street. In the old bank building, God brought stability, blessing, growth and depth to our church. He poured out His Spirit and changed lives. The church was marked by passionate leadership, biblical preaching and inspiring worship, with an orchestra and choir. In the mid-1950s, the leaders gathered and decided to move the church into a new, rapidly developing community called Cherry Hill.

At Kingsway, we believe we are not at any of our locations by accident. God’s work in our church throughout our history is not for our benefit; it’s not so we can sit back and enjoy what we have. We are to leverage all that we are as a church to bring the hope of Christ to as many communities as we can. As a multi-site church, we bring inspiring worship and biblical preaching to locations throughout South Jersey – returning to our roots, in a way, by setting up week-in and week-out – all for the purpose of seeing as many people as possible find and follow Christ.