Everyone on Mission is more than our church’s second conviction; it’s a lifestyle that we challenge everyone who claims to know Christ to live. Jesus tells us in Matthew 28.18-20 to engage our culture, to serve and love people, to live the Gospel and to make the spreading of the Gospel “of first importance.” (1 Corinthians 15.3)

How do we live on mission?


Without prayer, all our attempts at ministry are done in our own strength. Kingsway Church supports 57 missionaries and 12 mission organizations that depend on God’s strength


We already know that Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost, so what better way to invest our resources than in the thing closest to His heart? Living on mission cost Jesus everything. Our heart is that every person at Kingsway would invest monthly in mission.


No excuses. No passing the buck. “So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making His appeal through us.” Everyday, ordinary life as a follower of Christ is mission.

Supporting Global Mission

Missionaries we support

  • Africa

    • Sobhi & Jeri Malek

      Middle East/North Africa

    • Bill & Barbara Kuert


    • Brett & Elise Deal


    • Patrick & Jeanne Collins


    • Darrell & Becky Baskin


  • Asia

    • Michael & Diane Chase


    • Duane & Lori Danielsen


    • Diane Laws


    • Nick & Marcae Robertson


    • Korea

    • Troy & Lisa Tabor


  • Eurasia

    • India

    • Turkey

    • Middle East

    • Joshua Rowand


    • Armenia

  • Europe

    • Richard & Minna Boettiger


    • Paul & Mechthild Clark


    • Bryan & Misty Elliot

      Wales, England

    • David & Julie Goldschmidt


    • Peter & Courtney Good


    • Bill & Diane Jackson


    • Tom & Jenni Keating


    • Joe & Alice Lear


    • Al & Emanuela Perna


    • Doug & Jackee Raught


  • Latin America

    • Chris & Julie Abiuso


    • Brian & Raquel Correia


    • Hil & Leslie DelRosario


    • Rich & Jenny DeMartino


    • Gerritt & Tara Kenyon


    • Noah & Melanie Lane


    • Carolyn Marton


    • Bob & Michelle Perez

      Costa Rica

    • Tim & Beth Pike


    • Julio & Carolina Ramirez

      El Salvador

  • Northern Asia

    • Darren Sampson

      Darren Sampson

    • China

  • United States

    • Brian & Michele Adams

      Chi Alpha-Rutgers

    • Joe & Jen Butler

      Special Needs Ministry

    • David & Cheryl Greco

      Hispanic Missionary Partnerships

    • Chris & Kathleen Kennedy

      Chi Alpha-Florida State

    • Carl & Christine Nalbandian

      Chi Alpha-Rowan

    • Paul & Barbara Parks

      Global University

    • George & Jessica Rafidi

      Arab Ministries

    • Otto & Pat Wegner

      Inner City

  • Miscellaneous

    • Duane & Carolyn Henders

      Global Teen Challenge

    • Steve & Liz Skipper

      Global Evangelists

  • Mission Organizations

    • Convoy of Hope

    • For Dignity

    • Highlands Baby Bootee

    • Hillcrest Children’s Home

    • Latin America Child Care – El Salvador

    • Los Angeles Dream Center

    • Northern India Calcutta (Huldah Buntain)

    • Options for Women

    • Speed-the-Light

    • Teen Challenge – New Jersey

Supporting Local Mission

2nd Saturday

Every month Kingsway Church sends volunteers into our neighborhoods and towns to participate in community service, free to the organizations / persons served. Why? We simply want to show people in a practical way that Jesus loves them.


SERVE Week is eight days of sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways. Our goal is to serve. We focus on being the hands of feet of Jesus. Our prayer is that our combined efforts will be a powerful display of God’s love for people as we partner with local organizations – people who are experts in seeing a need and meeting a need – for projects ranging from painting, yard work, preparing meals, helping the elderly, cleaning, and much, much more. We serve those who have little and those who have much. We bless people in Jesus’ Name; we spread the kindness of Christ in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties, Philadelphia and beyond.

Get Involved

Make a mission commitment!

You can support mission financially by using Give Now page. 100% of your gifts are used to fund both local and global mission.

Apply for a Mission Experience!

Every year, Kingsway takes mission trips around the world to bring support to our missionaries and their ministries. To find out more about this year’s trips, contact Pastor Arlena.


Kingsway Mission Facebook

How to Pray for a Missionary

6 Blocks – A Prayer Strategy for Your Neighborhood
Identify the six blocks around your home & list the names of each street. Take time to regularly pray for the homes on those streets. You do not live in your neighborhood by accident. God has placed you there as a missionary to lead people in your community into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.